Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why Solar ?

This is my favourite commercial ....succinctly explains the rationale !!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Distributed Solar Power

In a country where there is a constant pressure on land, wonder why we are not looking at our rooftops for solutions? We believe that it is much easier, quicker and scalable to roll out ROOFTOP SOLAR HYBRID POWER SOLUTIONS to the working world. 

A 25Kw solution can easily take care of the requirements of a small commercial establishment for its 9am-5pm working hours. You could power 100 nos. CFL (15w) and 20 fans for 9 hours during the day. Also, there are no recurring costs & negligible maintenance costs.

The savings vis-a-vis using costly electricty supply and the long-term impact - 20 years to be precise - is left to your imagination.

Let's SWITCH ON SOLAR today and lead a better life !!!

Helios Solutions @ +91 98330 75257

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Helios Solutions - Our Values

We will treat the customers the same way that we would expect to be treated.

  • We will strive to understand your needs before working out a suitable solution.

  • We will communicate effectively and accurately with you.

  • We will build enduring relationships with you, dealing in a fair and transparent manner.

  • We value your time. We will look for ways to make it easier for you to do business with us.

Our Premise

"Growth means Change and change involves risk,
stepping from the known to the unknown."
- George Shinn -

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Helios Solutions - Our Introduction

Hello & Welcome to Helios Solutions !!!

Helios Solutions is focused on SOLAR ENERGY in order to fullfill its responsibilities to gift the next generations a CLEAN, GREEN FUTURE. We are aware that such a momentous journey begins with one step at a time. We seek to build momentum with your co-operation and co-option into this journey.

As a country, we have been familiar with power cuts, shortages and it's attendant difficulties. Urban clusters across the country face cuts in power supply while the rural areas are deprived of power due to non-availability. The average kerosene lamp, widely used across rural India, creates a tonne of carbon over 6-7 years and adds cost to the impoverished life of its users.

Electricity is fundamental to development, more so in India where the opportunities can get extra-polated by an enterprising class of citizens. We believe it is possible to mitigate the crisis and in fact, over a period of time, overcome the crisis itself. As urban & semi urban areas migrate to Renewable energy sources such as Solar Power to fullfill even a few hours of its daily requirements, the demand - supply situation starts improving. One can only imagine the impact of a cumulative effort across India.

500 watts of power, typically 3 CFL lights & 1 Fan powered for 4 hours, consumed from solar source by 1 lakh households would lead to a cumulative saving of 50 million watts of conventional electricity every day !!!

Now, Imagine an "Earth hour" every day for 4 hours with a subtle twist. Instead of switching off electricity, if one were to SWITCH ON SOLAR in that duration, the impact is staggering.

Helios Solutions offers a wide range of Solar Hybrid Power Solutions, customised to your requirements and successfully implemented.

A country blessed with abundance of sunlight and filled with enterprising human capital cannot be hostage to a power crisis for long. It is time we tapped the huge bank of SOLAR ENERGY and lead the world in building a CLEAN, GREEN civic society.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to serving your requirements.
Best regards,
B Sridhara
Chief Executive Officer
+91 98330 75257

Monday, July 5, 2010

Powerless in Maharashtra

DNA News report 05 July 2010: A state like Maharashtra in INDIA which boasts of Industrial production of INR 85,000 crores has a power crisis. It is shocking to learn that not even  1MW has been added to the capacity since 1998!!! Demand - supply gap as on date is close to 5500MW during peak hours apparently!!! 6-15 hr powercuts are the norm !!!

Considering that the state has close to 70% sunlight, is it not prudent to SWITCH ON SOLAR immediately for your basic requirements? Helios Solutions is pleased to assist you go solar. Do contact us in this regard.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

SOLAR QUAD HOUR - Every house, every day !!!

Earth hour is celebrated every year on 27th March by switching off electricity worldwide for an hour between 8.30pm - 9.30pm. The noble thought is to save the planet by switching off power symbolically for that 1 hour.
At Helios Solutions, we have taken this idea further with a subtle twist. Instead of switching off power for 1 hour on a single day of the year, if we all of us were to SWITCH ON SOLAR for 4 hours everyday we would not only help compound that thought many times over but actually reduce the demand-supply gap considerably.
Lets look at an illustration. If a household were to use only 3 CFL (15w) & 1 Fan(50w) for 4 hours, it would consume 500watts of power. If one lakh households consume the same amount, it would total to 50,000Kilowatts of power/day!!! Helios Solutions provides you Solar Power Solution to enable you to meet this requirement at each of your household. 
What does this entail ? We will provide you with a Solar Panel no larger than 15sq ft to be put on your roof and supply the necessary electronics including a battery and an Inverter which will help you go Solar every day between 6.30pm - 10.30pm. During this time the 500watts consumption will come from Solar power stored in the battery while your other requirements in the house will be met with conventional electricity supply.
You may choose a larger capacity solution for larger power requirement or longer duration of usage. For example, you could install a 3KVA system which will allow you to use 4 CFL (15w) & 4 Fans for upto 10 hours!!!
What does it cost one to SWITCH ON SOLAR ? The cost of a 500watt solar solution is    INR 65,000/- which includes taxes & installation. Helios Solutions is pleased to offer a 20 year guarantee on the Solar Panels to perform at 80% of the rated wattage. Additionally, we also offer a 5 year replacement warranty on the battery provided. The Electronics comes with a 1 year warranty and the AMC for the same costs less than INR 2500 per annum.
What about maintenance of the system ? The beauty of this solution is that it comes with almost negligible recurring costs. Cleaning a panel is as simple as wiping the windshield of your car. The battery needs a check once in 6 months for distilled water level while the electronics is covered by the warranty terms. Implies COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND!!! 
Any benefits for the Customer ? The Govt has announced an installation incentive programme subject to a max of INR 100/watt (max) based on the panel capacity. The same is being implemented in various states of India. The amount is directly re-imbursed to you by the Govt. Helios Solutions will help you with the associated paperwork. We are pleased to be of any assistance to you in this regard. SWITCH ON SOLAR today !
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